Ivy flowers?


Ivy is evergreen vine, it can be blooming. The flower period is generally in the fall, the flower period is longer, of course, the lucky period will continue until spring. When there is a flower, there is a flower in the flower, the flower is small, which is white or yellowish, with a touch of flavor. If there is a pot of home in the home, it is a few years of ivy that bundles upright, and the flowers are discharged from the top, about 5 ~ 40, and it is very beautiful.

But many faders said that I have never seen the spring vine flowers, Xiaobian is lie, the picture shows everything, look at the flowering ivy.

Ordinary ivy will open yellow small flowers.

White small flowers on Sweden ivy.

Scholar Ivil will open purple small flowers.

What is the flower language?

Don’t look at the flowers of Changchun vine, but there is a good meaning. It symbolizes the combination of love, faithful friendship, emotion. When it is ancient times, it is considered a magical plant that can be free to grow, keeping evergreen and blossoming, giving people an eternal feelings. In Greek mythology, representing alcoholis, gon, energetic, and symbolic eternal immortal youth.

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