Jade bell flower

The flower language of the jade bell is a unique

The flowers of the jade bell are small, and it is orange red or red, which looks bright and eye-catching, just like a strong love, like a hot.As if the lovers are gently speaking in your ear: I have a unique momentum for you.

Jade bell

The flowers of the jade bell are very beautiful, the flowering period is in winter, just can meet the favorite Valentine’s Day, folding the jade bell, and send it to the love, how rich, fullRomantic color.A string of string color beam is a very comfortable festival in the Spring Festival, Christmas and other festivals.

The jade clock is given to the good item of the beloved object.

Jade crash flower form appreciation

The jade hanging clock is relatively small, and the five-petal small petals are a bit like Lingxiao, but it is not so public, and more is more introverted.Yellow flower quietly explored his head and showed a loved side.

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