Jade drain variety

Big window jade dew

It belongs to Yulud hybrid varieties: the window is relatively large, there is 1 dollar coin so big. Because the windows are larger plants. In the case of insufficient illumination, the length is small. The window with the top hair is still relatively beautiful.

蝉 玉 露

Due to the smaller window, it is known as the wings. The texture is crisp, it is relatively prone to group. The length is small.

Ji Yulu

Pieces large species and small species. Because such plants are generally buried under the soil in the origin, only the part of the window is on the ground, thereby avoiding the dry heat of the summer.

There is a brunette linear pulse, under the conditions of sunshine, its pulse is brown, and the top of the leaf has a small “must”.

Round head jade dew

Slow growth, growing some patience. Excessive watering or severe water shortage will affect growth. Place the bright and not sunshine direct sun, the light excessive blade will become gray.

Green jade dew

Green jade is large and small, distinguishing the size of the leaves.


Small, cute, no longer grow, but it is easy to form a group of gestures. Although not a known species, the charm is also unbearable. The length is small.


Jade or life hybridization. The window is always triangular.

In addition to the window, its overall strain is similar to aloe, from above, it is a circle synthesized by many triangles, which is like the performance of life, which is called “Shou” .

Ice lamp jade dew

The ice lantern is the preferred variety selected after jade hybrid, the window is larger than ordinary jade dew, the texture is clearer, the surrounding windows are no top, the plant is more than the ordinary jade drape.

It is one of the boutiques of the twelve variety of soft leaves. Because the blade meat leaves crystal clear, it is known as the crystal clear and transparent.


The so-called Zi muscle dew is a compact, plated, and the round head brightening window, and it is easy to present a type of jade prostitute of purple in the same light, including some of the garden varieties of Ziomiao jade hybrids. The length is small.

Of course, there are many original varieties of jade dew, all of which are all opales that faders often have seen.

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