Jaden breeding method and precautions

Morphological characteristics

The jade appearance is very fit with his name, and it is as clear as jade, cool.

Yuudi is a meat herb plant, and the plants are initially monochrome, which will gradually be a group.

The mever leaves are compactly arranged, the leaves are full, the green, the upper half is transparent or translucent, called “windows”, brunette linear pulse, under the condition of sunshine, The pulse is brown, and the top of the leaves has a small “must”.

Loose total shape, small flower white.

Population point


Yulu is a cool half-coated environment, mainly in the spring, autumn season, drought, not cold-resistant, avoid high temperature and moisture and sun exposure, fear of shadow, also afraid of soil water.

Therefore, in the summer time, we must water water, prevent the potted water, resulting in rotten roots.

Yulu can’t rain, so if it is put on the faded friend of the balcony, you can don’t forget this pot of small jade.


The growth period should be given, if it is too shadless, it will cause looseness, not compact, the blade is thin, and the “window” is poor.

If the light is too strong, the leaves are poor, light red brown, sometimes strong direct sunshine will also burn the blades, leaving a ugly scrand, plants growing in the half-scale, full, transparency.

Summary, it is to give bright illumination, but not exposure.


Yulu likes to have a certain air humidity. When air is dry, it can be sprayed to the plants and surroundings to increase air humidity.

The plants can also be treated with a transparent colorless beverage bottle from the upper half of the growth season to grow in the air moist small environment, so that the blade is full, the transparency of the “window” is also higher.

However, the summer high temperature season must remove the cover to avoid being rotten due to stuffing.

Don’t want to spend

If you don’t want to teach the breeding, you can remove the flowers that have occurred during your growth. You need to pay attention to the hair of the flower, you have to remove it with your hand, so you can avoid the residual stalks and leaves between leaves and leaves. The growth of new leaves has adversely affected.


The fat and beautiful freshness of jade lobe is the cutest, in order to prevent the lobe from dry, it is necessary to pay attention to the watering and lighting treatment of the growth period.

Watering in the growth period, “Do not do not pour, pour the basin”, avoid water, more rain, especially the long-term rain, these are to avoid rotten roots.

But it is not suitable for long-term arid, otherwise the leaves are dry, the leaves are bleak, lack of vitality. Lost the brilliance of “jade dew”.

Yu Lu is half-covered environment, on the light, can’t be exposed, and you can’t cover it. Therefore, there is the best environment that the balcony corner can breed jade dew.

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