Jasmine breeding method

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Jasmine breeding method

Pelvic soil

Jasmine’s potting requires soil rich in organic matter, and has good breathable and ventilation properties, which can use fertile microic acid sandy soil.


Jasmine is fertilized, so the basin should keep sufficient fertility.

Summer high temperature world is a period of jasmine growth, at this time, it is necessary to apply fertilizers, fertilizing twice a month. If the summer Jasmine bud is flourishing, it is because it is too much fertilization, causing the length of the plant. It encounters this situation. It should control the water, fertilize, so that it is timely, and should pay attention to move the jasmine into the sun and sunshine. A good place for breeding.


Jasmine is not drought, therefore needs to be water, but the summer is high in summer, do not waterly water in the basin, otherwise it will lead to the phenomenon of plant rotten roots, the rainy season should be dumped in time to prevent water; summer heat Watering each morning and evening, if the blade roll is found, it takes time to spray the blade to promote growth and development.


Jasmine likes to grow in a humid warm environment, accompanied by sufficient light. More cold, the jasmine in the south can go directly from the outdoor, and the north is to keep warm, and the winter indoor potted places in the south.

Light, the leaves of jasmine will be green, the branches are thick, and the cultivation is good, and the aroma is strong.

Breeding method

Family farmers generally use cutting, compact strip, and divide these three breeding methods.

The cutting should be selected for a 2-year branches, cutting up 10 cm long, remove the lower blade, the top belt a pair of complete leaves, inserted into the mud, sand, covering the plastic film, maintaining a higher air humidity.

The press should take a longer branches, at 15 cm, it is best to easily hurt in the lower part of the festival, buried in the basin of Shengsha, the mud, keep the moist, start rooting in 2 ~ 3 weeks, about 2 months later The mother plant is cut into a seedlings.

The divisor can bind the ball in the spring of each year, and the branches intensive jasmine are planted separately, and the roots and ground branch leaves are properly repaired.

Jasmine breeding precautions

Plastic surgery

Jasmine is growing soon, and it is necessary to trim in time.

Potted jasmine reserves the base 10 cm to 15 cm, which has promoted most of the thick and strong, if the new shift is very strong, should take the heart when growing 10 cm, promote the second time, will flow a lot, and the strain is compact. Flowers should take the flower branches and reduce the consumption of nutrients, and can also promote jasmine branches, more buds, more flowers.

Common pest

The common pests of jasmine are: double pattern rattan, jasmine blade, citrus gray icon, red spider, etc.

These pests are generally feeding leaves, tender branches, figs, and the growth harm of jasmine plants is extremely harmful. Everyone must add more protection in the process of maintenance, can be sprayed with 100 times with universal powder or kill the chryney, spray once every half a month, that is, the pests should also be sprayed, do it in the first, spray time with sunny morning At 9 o’clock and 4 pm.

Jasmine maintenance has a question

1. Jiashan Night Rain Problem

Jasmine sprouts for a month, but the bud is not long, what happened?

Xiaobian’s answer: If the new bud is rotten, then the root is bad; if it is only growing, you need more sun.

2. Problem of Yunyun 519

From time to time, there is no spirit of jasmine, it is shrinking, what is the situation!

Xiaobian’s answer: Newly bought flowers can’t fertilize, fat too much will heat roots. It should be waters, so that the fat will lose with water. If it is still not returned, you can change the soil.

3.stozl problem

I will sunbathe in the morning, the soil is also very humid, but the jasmine sprout is a bit bend, what is going on?

Xiaobian’s answer: new branches are delicate, may be damaged by the roots when pounding, leading to the imbalance of the root supply and demand, and will alleviate for a while.

4.JF06054082 problem

Recently, the weather is hot, not letting flowers direct sun, but there is always a scattered light, what should I do if the jasmine leaves are yellow?

Xiaobian’s answer: This situation should strictly control water, can not be poured, and should be suspended. Lose the dead leaves and dried branches, waiting for it to sprout. The basin should change the loess into a breathable sand.

5. Problem of working on plants

It is generally seen that it is a pot of pottery, then can the porcelain pots can raise jasmine?

Xiaobian’s answer: The porcelain pot can of course raise! As long as it is usually maintained, the flower pot God is not a problem …

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