La Lan’s breeding method and precautions

Lalan’s breeding method

Silan is a relatively easy -to -survive plant. Our cuttings growing plants and plants raised by divisions will be completely dug out. While digging After that, the Sili plant dug out was placed in the pot soil. After poured a few times, it would survive. Pay attention to the appropriate fertilization work for Silan.

Precautions for Lan Lan’s breeding

Growth environment

The potted soil growing is loose, the drainage is good, and the pot soil contains more nutrients and rotten pots, so as to ensure that Silan has sufficient nutrition and growth.

Sunlight temperature

Silan is a plant that likes gentle and good light environment, but remember not to let the sun shine in the potted potted plants. In winter, pay attention to keeping the growth temperature of Silan too low, and control it at about 10 degrees Celsius.

Water condition

Silan is a plant that likes a humid environment. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that it is sufficient in moisture, but do not cause water in the basin to affect the breathability of the Silan pot soil, cause rotten roots, and cause the entire plant to die.


Silan is prone to less pests and insect pests, but preventive measures must be taken.

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