Lavender breeding method

Lavender sowing breeding method

Placing seedlings, breeding fast, developed root, seedlings, but large variability, is a good material for selectivity.

The seed should be selected, the grains are full, with tan luster.

Sun seed before sowing, water soaked in warm water at 30 ° C, soil concentrated sulfuric acid for 5 min, and dry it with water.

In April, seed seeding reproduction, the minimum temperature of seed germination is 8-12 ° C, the optimum temperature is 20-25 ° C, and it is planted in May, but the lavender seed reproduction varies greatly and the seed prices are higher.

Cutting propagation method of lavender

Lavender is mainly based on cutting breeding, which maintains the quality of the mother.

Cutting is strong, spring and autumn can be carried out. Generally, there is no pests and healthy plants or tender, no wood-based branches cut, cutting the blades of the bottom 2 section, then use “root sun” rooting 100 times solution soak immersed, after treatment, cut into the soil It will root in about 2-3 weeks.

The cutting medium can be mixed with the ratio of the river sand and elliptical, and the cutting of the 5 * 10 acupuncture is mounted.

After cutting, put the seedlings in a cool environment, keep the soil moist in the first three days, depending on the weather, to ensure that the branches are not wrinkled, dry, and improve the survival rate.

The management of cutting seedlings is relatively convenient, and there is no fertilization in the entire seedling period.

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