Legend of light bamboo leaves

Legend of light bamboo leaves

According to historical records, during the three -footed period, the 19th year of Jian’an, the prime minister of Wei Guo, Cao Cao, took the power of the DPRK, and the power in the court increased day by day. At that time, Liu Bei, who was the Han Dynasty, had won the land of Hanzhong. At the suggestion of Kong Ming, he sent troops to the north to defeat Wei Guo Cao Cao. The leaders of the leader are Zhang Fei and Ma Chao.

The two soldiers were divided into two roads, and after rushing to Bashu City, the soldiers led by Zhang Fei met with the main force of Cao Jun’s main force. Zhang Ye has the courage and wise, insisting that the city can avoid the enemy. After Zhang Fei’s eyes couldn’t attack for a long time, he sent someone to stand in front of the city, and his voice was like thunder. Zhang Ye ignored it. On the wall of the city wall, the foil equipment of the city was fired and the artillery car was arranged. He still insisted on fighting. He ate, drink, drink and play in the city. Because of the scolding in front of the city, I felt dry.

After Zhuge Liang knew this, he sent someone to send Zhang Fei to the fifty altar wines, and taught Zhang Fei to act like this. Zhang Fei ordered the wine to carry the wine to the city, let the sergeants sit in front of the city, and opened the wine and drank the wine.

The spout in the city reported this matter. Zhang Yan stood on the city wall and looked at it, so he scolded it fiercely: “Zhang Fei, you bully!” The army was defeated. Later, I learned that Zhang Fei was “seduced the enemy”, and the generals drank in front of the city was not “wine aged”. The soup was made of light bamboo leaves. Through this method, Zhang Yan was deceived, and helped the soldiers to solve the trouble of hot and dry. The light bamboo leaves have been spreading since then, and it has been circulating to this day.

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