Leid lotus breeding method and precautions

Conding lotus


The more the light is, the greater the temperature difference between day and night, the wider the color of the leaf of the glow.

If the light is insufficient, the condensed lotus will appear, and the whole plant is light green or dark green, the blade is sparse, and grow up.


In order to avoid the temperature of the root moisture, cut too much water, 10 days, one time, each time it is pouring.


In winter, 5 ° C below in winter will stop growth or mild frostbite, and moisture in leaves below 0 ° C freeze cell necrosis.

The summer 35 ° C will also stop growing, pay attention to ventilation, prevent long-term exposure to avoid sunburn.


Fertilizes with phosphorus potassium per month.

Fertilizers should not be too much, especially nitrogen, otherwise it will cause the plant to grow, and the leaves are not red.


Choose a breathable basin

When cultured in the condensation, it is best to use the bottom of the discharge hole, the novice planting can choose a well-ventilated red ceramic basin, the glass container is absorbed and the breathable is poor, it is best not to use it.

Timely repairing old leaves

Usually repair the dry old leaves in a timely manner, so as not to accumulate bacteria to breed.

The plant is long or long-term, which can be treated with the top branches, and control the height of the plants.

Don’t overwhel water

Watering dried water during growth, can sprinkle water around the plants when air is dry, but the center of Ye Jun should not give water, otherwise it will cause rotten heart.

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