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Aware of lily


Lily is a perennial herb, because there are many scales polymerization groups, which is called lily. Lily will be unfamiliar, in the streets, all kinds of activities, you will see the figure of the lily!

Lily is mainly distributed in China, Japan, North America and Europe. The previously seen in the past is a branch. In fact, it is also very good at home!

Lily flower morphological characteristics

Scales: I have to say that Lily, we have to say its scales. Yes, we eat the lily of the lily. It turned out that it was a piece, purple or white hypertrophy leaf.

Leaves: Do you know that the leaves of the lilies are long? Is it only taken about it? The leaves of lily are different forms due to different varieties, with lanceolate, elliptical, strip, and the like.

Color: a lot of lilies, yellow, white, powder, red, etc., other colors of the other colors, maybe it is lily!

Lily flower growth environment

The lilies are cold-resistant, which is well grown in 15 to 25 ° C, which will grow poorly when the temperature is below 5 ° C or higher than 30 ° C.

Lily likes to grow in a microly acidic soil, when planting, pay attention to water quality and timely improve soil.

The lily is half-yin environment, and the indoor scattered light can grow strong. If the sun is insufficient, it will lead to a long or flower bud to fall off.

Lily of the verse

There are 120 varieties worldwide, 55 from China, think about it is a little pride! Although there are many lily, there are so many kinds of common, let’s take a look!

Volunan lily

The flowers are orange, the petals are slightly reversed, with purple black spots on the petals, very similar to the pattern on the tiger, so there are also tiger skin lily.

Beautiful lily

This is a proud name, and there is a bright beautiful peony in Taiwan in China. It is called “East Asian the most beautiful lily”. The form of the rollover lily is basically the same, but the flowers are pink, the petals are covered with rose spots.

Shan Dan Lily

The blade is elongated, the flower is known as a coral. Flowers are open in the late Summer early summer, color is bright, and there is shiny.

Musk lily

Also called the iron gun lily, the petals is short, and it is smart.

Tianxiang Lily

It is also called Yishan Lily, which is originally produced in Japan, is a common wild lily variety, the flowers are mostly light yellow, petals are blocked.

Qingdao Lily

It is said that Qingdao Lily is discovered when the German botanist is found in the small Qingdao inspection. Therefore, I will directly take the name of Qingdao Lily, and I am also called Yushan Lily, and now I have been listed as the second batch of rare and endangered plants in the country. I found this Lily, please Protect!

Various lilies

Yellow lily flower

Red lily flower

Pink lily flower

White lily flower

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