Litchi longan mangosteen is too expensive, and the leftover core can plant a large pot

Lychee pot

1. Eat the litchi meat and expose the core inside. 2. Clean the flesh at the litchi bud dot.

3. Put the litchi nucleus in water for 3 to 7 days, and change the water once a day, otherwise it is easy to smell in summer. 4. Prepare a flower pot. The relatively shallow ones are fine. Put the nutritional soil and sand in a ratio of 4: 1 and put it into the flower pot. 5. Press the lychee seed into one -half of the soil or two -thirds of the soil. Note that the buds must be facing up. 6. Cover the thin layer of soil, just cover the litchi core, and then cover a thin layer of small stones to avoid the soil was washed away during watering. 7. Watering and watering at the bottom of the water flowing out of the water. 8. About 1 week, the seeds will germinate ~ 9. After a period of time, you can see small potted plants ~


1. Eat the mangosteen and leave the middle core. However, there are very few cores of mangosteen. Maybe you have to eat a few to have a core of core ~

2. Clean the nucleus and soak it in water. Replace it once a day. 3. Prepare the nutrient soil, fill it in the flower pot, and pour it through water. 4. Put the buds of the mangosteen up and bury them into the soil. Then cover a thin layer of soil and wet it with a spray kettle! 5. Put it in the scattered light to maintain it. After about 10 days, you can grow new buds!

(Author: Little Forest Green Plant Shop Source: Seeds change pot planting)


1. Wash the longan and remove the flesh above.

2. Put the longan for 7 days of soaking in clear water and change the water every day. 3. Choose a flower pot, full of nutrient soil in the flower pot, and then pour water. 4. Press the buds of the longan to the nutritional soil.

5. Cover a thin layer of soil on the longan, then spray water with a watering pot, and then put a layer of stones, a thin layer. 6. Put it in the cool and ventilated place for maintenance. After about 1 week, you can take root! 7. After a period of time, you can get a small potted plant!

Did the nucleus throw it away? Try it without throw!

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