Longevity flowers, copper coins and white palm … So good to raise you to be raised by you, what’s the matter?

White palm

Reasons for the death of white palm: too much watering

Many people think that white palms like water, and they have to irrigate it in one effort, causing water to accumulate water. The excess water accumulation has the connection of the rhizomes, which can easily lead to the rotten roots and rotten heart of the white palm.

What should I do if I do too much roots in white palms?

1. Discriminate the white palm out of the pot soil, shake off the soil, and clean the root system with water.

2. Check the root system of the white palm, cut off the roots of the white palm rotten with sharp scissors or blades.

3. Apply a bacterial spirit to disinfect the wound of the white palm, and then dry it in a cool and ventilated place.

4. Plant the white palm into the soil, pour the water once, and slowly place it in a cool and ventilated place. Don’t expose it.

How to water the palm correctly?

Watering follows the principle of not drying and not poured, and the finger pokes into the surface of the soil about 3 cm. If it is dry, pour it through.

It usually can be poured once every 7-10 days. In fact, the white palm of Tu Pei is not easy to raise. It is recommended that the flower budgets who are not well cultivated change the water to the water.

Reasons for the common death of white palms: light is too strong

White palm likes to scattered light, and you must not expose the sun, otherwise it is easy to wither and pull the leaves.

How to bask in the sun?

The white palm is most suitable for the bright living room, or it is not a particularly exposed Nanda, east to west balcony,

What should I do if the white palm is exposed?

1. Don’t throw away the white palm of the sun, move to a cool and ventilated place first.

2. Cut off the severe withering, dry, yellowing, and yellowing to avoid excessive consumption of nutrients.

3. If you touch the surface soil, you can water it once and spray the water for 2-3 times at the same time. If the surface of the pot soil is not dry, do not water it, you need to spray water on the leaves.


Reasons for the death of geranium: Du Xia Hei Rotten

Geranium is easy to rot, especially summer, especially in the south of the summer, not only the rainy water, but also hot,

Wet and humid, once the sun exposure or temperature rises after the rain, it is inevitable that the black rot occurs!

Geranium black rot solution

It is difficult to solve after the greenia black rot. The only way is cuttings! The specific operation steps are as follows:

1 Use fast blade to cut off the health branches of geranium, remove the bottom blades, put it in a cool and ventilated environment, and dry the wound for about 2 hours.

2. The dry geranium branches are placed in a disposable plastic cup.

3. Add water when you see the water level low, and change the water about 3 days. I took root in about 15 days.

4. Plant the geranium after rooting into the soil.

Geranium to prevent black corruption methods

1. Watering less water in summer, pour it again when the pot is very light, and pour it about 7-10 days, and the watering method is used to so that the water is not 1/3 of the bottom of the pot. Just go out.

2. In the summer, do not let the stems and leaves of geranium get water, otherwise it will be easy to rot.


Cause of Copper Curdine: Dry Water Scarcity and Death

Coppercurus is aquatic flowers. Once a long time is short of water, it will get willed and yellow quickly. Therefore, it is generally recommended that you have hydroponic or semi -soil and half water.

Methods after the dehydration of copper coins

If the lack of water in your house is dry and rotten, there is no way to save it. If the leaves are just overwhelming, then watering can be slowly slowed in time. The stolons in the soil are green or rescued.

1. Cut out all the leaves of copper coins and pouring leaves.

2. Dig out the stolons of the copper coin grass from the soil. If it is green, put it in a hydroponic bottle with the soil.

3. Pour the water into the hydroponic bottle, and the water level does not have about 1 cm of the soil.

4. Put the water -poured hydroponic bottle in a place where astigmatism ventilation, wait for the new copper coin grass to grow on the stems.

Copy coin grass correct watering method

Coppercurus watering, one reason for one reason, is not short of water, is that the soil surface always has stagnant water. It is best to have soil at the bottom and water on the top. Summer pure soil is too tired to water all day!

Common cause of copper coins: Lack of lighting

Coppercurus likes the big sun, and many people even put it on the desk to raise it, but they died in two days!

How to bask in the sun?

Put the copper coins in the better place, the better it grows, the best outdoors, and the room can be placed in the South balcony.


No one will make any flowers and killers,

As long as you earnestly summarize your experience in setbacks, you will also raise flowers,

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