Lottery of color horseshoe lotus

Potted plants

Take one

Potted colorful horseshoe soil is mainly used in sandy loam, which can add appropriate organic fertilizers to the sandy loam soil. Because the roots of colorful horseshoe are the upper part of the sphere, the bottom of the flower pot soil ensures good breathability. Flower pots are better to use lighter.

Point two

It is best to use phosphorus and potassium fertilizers for colorful horseshoe lotus, especially in the current buds. Potassium pyrophuminate solutions should be performed in time and effectively to make the stems thicker and not easy to fall. It is necessary to increase the number of fertilizers, but do not increase the amount of fertilization each time to supplement the flower pot soil.

Point three

Color horseshoe lotus likes a warm and humid environment, so the flower pot soil must be kept moist and watering more. If the weather is dry, spray water on the ground to create a more moist environment. Color horseshoe lotus likes the sun, but cannot be exposed to the sun. So in the summer, it must be shaded. But if it grows in a dark and humid environment for a long time, it will also affect the growth of colorful horseshoe.

Points and four

Color horseshoe lotus likes to grow in a warm environment, so when planting colored horseshoe lotus, you must pay attention to the control of temperature.

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