Love: Poppies


The poppy flower is beautiful, but when people are attracted, when they are joined in the happiness it brings, it will become a sword, let people withered in anesthesia, destroy in psychedelic. So, its flower is a love of death.

The poppies in the mountains of Mountains are swaying in the wind, but I don’t know that I can’t escape the bad luck. Some people say that romantic is to death, but they can’t die, and poppies are love and can’t die. Love is like a poppy flower, and there is a flower language in the poppies: gorgeous and noble. The beauty of the poppies is fascinating, like a tempting trap, let you know that it is a walked abyss, and it is necessary for it. There are many different statements about it, enough to see people to see this devil. Flower love and hate.

Poppies flower

Poppies – hope, hurt her / her love; representing poisonous and vicious

Sad red poppy – representing comfort, condolence

White poppy – represents forgotten, first love

Oriental poppy – represents smoothness

Poppy – represents poisonous and vicious

Corner poppy – flower represents patience

Pod poppy – represents a rest

Beautiful poppy – represents beautiful and beautiful

Legend of poppies

There is no fragrance of poppies itself, so I don’t have a stunned character. Human with unclean hearts stretch the sinful hand to it, and let it bear the name of others. Poppies were found and used in the Neolithic era. More than 5,000 years ago, the Sumeren, called “Happy Plants”, and considered to be the gods of the god. The ancient Egyptians also treated it as a tutorial for treating baby. Detailed description of opium appeared in the third century, ancient Greek and Rome’s books. The big poet said that it is “forgetting the grass”, Virir said it is “hypnotics”, some slave owners have also planted some poppies, of course just to appreciate its beautiful flowers. Sadly, with the development of history, when people find poppies in the treatment of diseases, they can make people lose their illusions. The selfishness and greed of human beings have defeated rational and narcissy, and poppy has become a medium, The happy things in the past are also turned into a source of evil drugs.

In ancient Egypt, poppy was called “God”. In order to express the praise of poppy, ancient Greeks made a poppy flower. The ancient Greek mythology also passed a poppy story. There was a demon ghost of the death of the death called Xu Pinos, and his son Mashe is holding an edible fruit, guarding his father, so as not he wake up.

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