Luo Shenhua’s breeding method and precautions

Light of Luo Shenhua’s breeding

Luo Shenhua is a plant planted under cool conditions, so the daily light time will affect its growth. The number of sunshine hours has a very significant impact on the flowering period of the flower bud.

The moisture of the breeding of Luo Shenhua

Luo Shenhua is a plant that prefers dry soil. Generally speaking, if it is planted in an environment with sufficient water and sufficient fertilizers, it is easy to cause diseases and grow in a relatively dry environment, which will grow strong.

Luo Shenhua’s breeding soil

Luo Shenhua’s requirements for the soil are not very high, and you can survive in the soil of general fertility. If you grow in the soil with good fertility, there will be more branches, but it is easy to cause inverted phenomenon. The best breeding soil in Luoshen flowers is semi -cooked yellow soil.

The breeding temperature of Luo Shenhua

The most suitable temperature for the growth of Luoshen flower seeds is between 20 degrees Celsius and 25 degrees Celsius, and the average daily temperature can germinate by about 16 degrees Celsius.

Luo Shenhua’s prevention and treatment of diseases and insect pests

There are not many diseases and insect pests in Luoshenhua, which are more common: vegetables, aphids, etc. The diseases are withered and albinistic seedlings. Pay attention to timely prevention and control.

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