Lvluo 100 meters, the hanging orchid burst crazy cubs, what did the neighbors eat it?


1. Fertilization

If you want to grow fast, fertilizer is the key!

(1) Compound fertilizer

Compound fertilizer contains nutritional elements necessary for green dill such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc., and each nutritional element has been scientifically proportioned. Flowers who do not know much about flower fertilizer can use compound fertilizer directly.

Compound fertilizer can be used as bottom fertilizer when pelvis. The temperature is high in summer and is not suitable for changing pots. You can dig a small hole next to the flower pot, put 3-5 capsule fertilizers in it, and then bury it. If there is no abnormally reaction after use, add one or two capsules next time. Generally Apply every month.

Note that compound fertilizer cannot be sprinkled directly on the surface of the pot soil, and it must be buried, otherwise it will be prone to volatilization and affect fertilizer effect.

(2) Organic liquid fertilizer

Organic fertilizer is actually the most suitable fertilizer for flowers and plants. Long -term use of inorganic fertilizer (chemical fertilizer) can easily lead to yellow leaves. At this time, you need to use a little organic fertilizer for green dill.

Organic liquid fertilizer can be purchased or can be rotten by itself. Diluted with water at a ratio of 1: 2000, and then poured them to the green dill.

When making organic liquid fertilizer, you need to put the waste waste, vegetable leaves, and fish bones in the seal plastic bottle, add water, and put it in the sun. In the summer, you can basically rot and succeed in summer.

(3) Simple Hua Fei

Many common small things in life can be used for flower fertilizer to raise green dill.

Tao rice water is the most common and easiest nitrogen fertilizer. Put the rice water in the beverage bottle, cover the cover, put it in the sun, and can be used in about a month. When used, it can be diluted according to the water at a ratio of 1: 100.

The egg shell is also a very easy flower fertilizer. Wash the eggshells and sprinkle the surface of the pot soil to prevent pests such as snails from climbing into the flower pot. During the watering process, the nutrients in the eggshell can be released slowly, supplementing nutrient elements such as calcium, phosphorus, silicon, iron, magnesium, zinc, etc. to green dill.

Fish tank water raising green is the most suitable method for lazy people. However, it should be noted that it is best to use a large fish tank. It is best to aerobic pumps in the fish tank, so that the nutrients in the water are sufficient, and the roots of the green dill will not compete with the fish.

Fish tank water contains fish excrement, which is a kind of organic nitrogen fertilizer with low fertilizer but long -lasting fertilizer. Put the green dill in the fish tank hydroponic. It is not necessary to worry about watering nor fertilization. It is too convenient!

There are only small fish tanks in the home, and they can also pour the water tank water to the green.

2. Location

It is best not to accept direct sunlight in summer. The bright corners, the coffee tables of the living room, and the northern window sill are all good green spots. These places can accept scattered light and have relatively good ventilation conditions. It is suitable for green dill growth. Essence

3. Watering

In the summer, the temperature is high and the green dill has a strong steaming effect. It must be poured once in about 2 or 3 days. For details, refer to the looseness of the pot soil. Green Luo with high soil looseness can appropriately increase the frequency of watering. The flower friends who have time should spray water on the green leaves.

4. Climbing the wall

Green Luo will not climb a wall or grow into a waterfall by itself. To raise the effect of the great god’s family, it takes some careful thinking.

For example, put the green dill on the height, so that the branches and leaves of its hanging will have a waterfall effect; put the green dill on the doors and windows, it is easy to raise the curtains and curtains; Only the green dill.

Although these thoughts are simple, but your green dill will be much more beautiful.

Spidering orchid

1. Fertilization

The Dragon of the Great God’s House constantly burst the cubs. The leaves can grow both fingers wide. The trick is actually very simple, which is fertilizer.

(1) Agricultural fertilizer

Uncle Peasant’s fertilizer used to grow corn, wheat, and rice is actually flower farming. This fertilizer is not only cheap, but also good fertilizer. Agricultural fertilizer that can be used to raise flowers is urea and dibamine. Both fertilizers are dissolved in water. When used, you can throw several agricultural fertilizers in water. After the fertilizer melts, shake it evenly, and then pour the flowers.

If you use solid fertilizers directly, it is recommended to use dihamine. Its fertilizer effect is relatively slow to release the relatively slowly, and it is not easy to burn roots. Dig a small hole of two or three centimeters deep on the edge of the hanging orchid pot soil, throw a few pieces of fertilizer, bury it, and then water it. The fertilizer will be released with the water.

However, the frequency of use should not be too high, because the agricultural fertilizer is very high, it can be used for two or three months.

(2) Cake fertilizer and chicken manure

Cake fertilizer and chicken manure are common organic fertilizers. The flowers have been squeezed by the chicken manure, and the taste … it is difficult to say. The lovers who mind can buy it on a certain treasure, and the mature chicken manure is basically no taste.

Cake fertilizer is the fertilizer made of peanuts, sesame, soybeans, etc. The remaining residue -made fertilizers. The taste is relatively lighter. Put the sesame cake, soybean cake, etc. in a plastic bottle or plastic barrel, stir well with water, seal and place it. In the sun, it can be successfully made in about two or three months. The rotten cake fertilizer has almost no taste.

The frequency of fertilization is about once in January. When used, you can dig a hole in the surface of the hanging orchid pot soil, and put some fertilizers in and buried. You can also soak the chicken manure and cake fertilizer, and then take the upper layer of liquid to dilute the flowers according to the water at a ratio of 1: 2000.

2. Location

The requirements for lighting and ventilation are similar to Green Luo. If both flowers and plants are planted in their homes, they can put them together and placed in a bright place indoors. It is best to bake orchids, so that it will be much more beautiful when the hanging and growing stolons are growing in the later period.

3. Watering in summer, it is best to pour water once every 2 or 3 days to ensure that the pot soil is loose and breathable.

4, shave your head

If the suspending orchids have always been sick, how can it not grow well, it is better to cut it out of the pain, cut off all the wilted parts, reduce the consumption of the plant nutrients of the diseased leaves, and concentrate the nutrition of the hanging blue.leaf.As long as the roots are healthy, the leaves growing from the drink will be green and vibrant.

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