Magnolia family breeding method

Mulan soil requirements

Happy, Wo, wet, well-drained sandy soil;

Do not die, avoid alkaline, in dry, alkaline earth, and clay growth;

Root meat, afraid of water flooding, wound healing, transplanting is not easy to survive;

Mulan breeding method

More use of the pieces, the division is propagated. Sometimes it is also used.

The layers can be prepared, spring and autumn can be carried out, and the milder plants excavated from the branches are planted, and the roots and appropriate truncated branches are repaired.

Bush, select a good young branches, in early spring, can be propagated with a pile method or burying method.

Sowing, in September, winter sand hood, spring spring, 20-30 days after broadcast.

Mulan cultivation

Cultivation management is simple, pay attention to anti-flood, fertilization in a timely manner.

Transplantation can be carried out before flowering in autumn or early spring, small seedlings are stainted with mud, and large seedlings must take the pot.

Each fertilization is 1 time before and after the flowering period, which is mainly phosphorus.

Summer high temperature and autumn arid season, maintain soil humidity.

Before the flowers and buds, they should cut the dead branches, secret branches and shortings.

Magnolia water fertilizer regulation

Mulan drought, fear of water flooding to ensure water supply, often spray the leaves, increase air humidity, to avoid yellow leaf leaves.

Magnolians fertilizers, 10 to November, the rusted bud fertilizer, after the flowering period, the budding of the buds, the rose nitrogen fertilizer, the dry season is covered with the appropriate amount of water. It is expected that it is expected to spend a flowery in the following year.

Magnolia pest control

Magnolia pests and pests. As long as you pay attention to the water, remove the sick leaves in time, keep ventilation.

A proper increase of spray insecticides is appropriately increased.

Magnolia’s breeding precautions

Place the light and well-ventilated conditions to avoid back yin;

Avoid and flooding, usually ensure water supply, often spray the leaves, increase air humidity, to avoid yellow leaf leaves.

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