Mai Dongcao’s breeding method and precautions

Madeewood breeding method

Ophiopra was planted with it. When we plant wheat Dongcao, we generally choose the sunny evening or cloudy on the sunny day. We only need to plant the seedlings of Ophiopoga on the prepared soil. Pay attention to the root of the roots as much as possible when planting seedlings. Watering immediately.

It takes about fifteen days after planting seedlings to be confirmed. At this time, we have to loosen the soil once. After that, a sunny day is selected every month for weeding.

Ophiopraza needs more fertilizers. We must apply fertilizer to Ophiopoga reasonably. Generally, three fertilizers are applied a year, and fertilization is applied in July, August and November.

The amount of water for Ophiopogon is also relatively large, so you should water it in time. Ophiopoga prefers a cool and humid environment, so we must pay attention to the yin work when planting wheat Dongcao.

Precautions for planting wheat Dongcao

The amount of water in the growing period of Ophiopogon is very large. Increasing watering during the growth period of Ophiopogon is helpful to the expansion of Ophiopogon’s stems.

Ophiopoga also requires sufficient light. The luminosity period of the tuber is very important. During this period, adequate sunlight must be given.

Ophioplasses have special requirements for soil. Ophiopra must be planted in sandy soil with good drainage and sufficient fertility. The soil should be kept in a slightly alkaline pH, and the viscosity of the soil should not be too high, so as to help it help The growth of Ophiopogon.

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