Maintenance points of mimosa

Daily maintenance

1. Mimosa can not water water before the seedlings, and it is necessary to cover warm moisturizing with a plastic film. If the temperature is too high in the basin. The temperature of the seedbium should be easily used to cover the curtain.

2, when the mimosa seedling is all in all, if there is no dying in the absence of withered, try not to water, the peak of the shame leaves.

3, the mimosa basin soil, the best choice time is taken when the water is needed, and the watering can is sprinkled after sunset. When watering, water is watered, and it is not enough to light at noon. Watering when the sun is strong. Mimosa is watering every morning and evening, and it is necessary to maintain a certain amount of water every morning, and it is not too much, and it is not possible to dry up the pot soil, it is best to sprinkle water above the mimosa.

4, mimosa should carry out twice in the seedlings in the seedlings, allowing each seedling to be left around 4-5cm, etc. When the bud seedling is 8-10 cm or more, the bud seedlings are removed from the basin. Continue culture on the expiration, or it can be planted in a new flower pot.

5, the vitality of the mimosa is actually more tenacious. It is necessary to stick to water every day, but do not need to fertilize it. When watering for about three months, the seedlings will grow up, and the results of flowering, the breeding is not too anxious.

6. Pay attention to the trouble of pests and diseases during the breeding process, try not to use pesticides on mimosa.


Now everyone knows how to raise a mimosa? In fact, it is still very good, it is necessary to pay more, pay more attention to fertilization and water, do not excess, like sunshine. Raise a US mimosa in accordance with the Raiders!

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