Maintenance points of viewing leaves

1, control light and moisture

When germination, the light and moisture are controlled, so as to slow down the growth rate of the new leaves, so that the stems have more leaves, the closer the new leaf arrangement, the growth will be bent, which will help to generate nature. Beautiful leaf.

2, remove the old leaves

Remove the old leaves, so that the top buds will be born in advance. After the new leaf is set, the shape is poor, so as not to be wasted.

3, watering water

Watering water, preventing water in the basin, otherwise the new branch is long, and the old leaves are dead, resulting in the quantity and shape of the new and old leaves. Therefore, it should be controlled by the water consumption and the resistance of drought resistance should wait until 2 to 3 cm under the pot soil, then the water is hydrated, and the watering time is 10 am, to return to normal management after the new leaves are set.

4, timing rpading

The blade has a positive and tendency, especially the new leaves, more easily biased towards the sun, and the result is high before the old leaves are formed, and the size is different. In order to make the branch leaves are evenly growing, the gesture is beautiful, and the direction of replacement is often required. For example, when the slope of the blade is large, the north side of the potted plants should be turned to the south side and the frequency of the throttle is 10 to 15 days.

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