Management of the four growing stages of sunflower

Management of sunflower growth stage

Seedling period

This stage from emergence to ready -ray is called the seedling period. At this stage, the ground part of the sunflower grows slowly, and the underground root system grows rapidly. This stage is a stage with the strongest drought resistance capacity of sunflowers.

Pour water once a week at this stage and fertilize every half a month to ensure the sufficient sunlight.


The current buds are the most prosperous stages of sunflowers in their lives. This period has the most fertilizers and water required for sunflowers. If this stage cannot meet the needs of sunflowers on water and fertilizer, it will seriously affect the yield of sunflowers.

Flowering period

The flowering period refers to the flowing plate from the tongue -shaped flower to the tube -shaped flower. At this stage, the broadcast period of the sunflower should be adjusted. Choose the appropriate time to fertilize, water the water, prevent diseases and insect pests, and adopt bee or artificial pollination. The strong rate of sunflower.

Mature period

At this stage, there are different varieties of sunflowers. About 15 days after flowering and pollination is the stage of sub -granules. During this period, it is best to place it in an environment with a clear weather and a large temperature difference between the day liquid and maintain proper soil moisture.

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