Method and precautions for free tulips

Woodless potted tulip loading medium

Load the window screen net in the clean flower pot, Wang Yan’s hole is less than the common perlite granules, which prevents pearl rocks from gradually losing with moisture or nutrient liquid. Then put the clean ceramics in the basin is convenient to drain, and then adding the appropriate amount of the extent that the perlite to 8 points in the basin.

Wide potted tulip planting

Put the seed ball that has been disinfected into the basin, exposes the top of the breeding, and then press the medium around the ball, and 3-4 balls can be cultivated each.

Watering and moisturizing without soil potted tulips

Planted a good bulb need to be watering, then put on the plastic film, moisturizing in warm place.

What should I pay attention to without dirt potted tulips?

Wide-free potted tulip low temperature stage

Tulips at the low temperature stage need to be cultured for more than 20 days.

Water-free potted tulip water

Tulips is watering less water at a low temperature stage, etc., after the germination sediment, it will cause water to water, which will cause the basin to frostbite, and do not pour water into the flower buds after the flower buds, prevent the flower buds.

Wide potted planting tulip light

Before spending for 3-5 days, it is necessary to put the flower pot into the place where the light is sufficient, and the flow rate is about 20 ° C.

Wide potted tulip nutrient solution

Soilless cultivated tulip medium is not numerous, so it is necessary to add nutrient liquid to it, control the concentration of nutrient solution, when the leaves are yellowed into sleep, reduce the number of nutrients added, and ensure the normal growth of the bulbs.

Wide potted tulip ball stem

After Huaying, you should clean up the residual branches in time to prevent excessive nutrients. If the leaves are yellow, they need to put the bulbs in a cool and ventilated position of 20 ° C.

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