Method of Beauty Tree

Method of Beauty Tree


The beauty tree is a strong positive tropical tree species, which needs to ensure sufficient light in order to strengthen growth and poor growth in the shade environment.


In the spring and summer seasons, the peak season of beauty trees needs to be given sufficient water. At the same time, the beauty tree is a plant with extremely taboo water accumulation, which requires good drainage.


If the matrix itself is more fertile, organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer can be applied once every 40 days to promote its growth.If the matrix is thinner, organic and compound fertilizer should be applied every 20 days to promote the growth of plants.


The soil requirements are not strict, and the soil or sandy soil with deep soil layers should be deepened.

Insect pest

The pests of the beauty tree are mainly harmful to the cowonia leaves, and sometimes red spider hazards occur.Pay attention to timely measures for prevention and treatment.


There are fewer diseases in the trees, and stem rot occasionally occasionally occur. The symptoms are manifested by the entire trunk and turning black. The specific prevention method is to remove the diseased plants in time and spray the multi -bacterial spirit 800 times solution for effective prevention.

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