Method of breeding of red -scaled peaches


Red -scale peach peaches are usually growing in a lower altitude. It is a strong drought tolerance and can also resist waterlogging disasters. It is common in the southern shrub forest and is a tropical plant. Because of its rapid growth and deeper characteristics, it can grow normally in severe environments. Usually adult plants can reach a height of more than 20 meters, and it is very beautiful to bloom to make small fruits.

Breeding method

The planting method of red -scale peaches is not difficult. Put the seeds directly in the soil, and then spray appropriate water. The emergence of red -scale peach seedlings takes about two months. To remove the weeds next to the seedlings, and then apply a certain nitrogen fertilizer to promote the rapid growth of the seedlings. Entering summer, applying a kind of fertilizer to the seedlings to promote the strong growth of the seedlings to speed up its growth. After that, you should pay attention to the heat insulation measures in winter, which can be covered with insulation to make it smoothly overwinter.

Plant management

After three or five years, the planting of red -scale peaches is carried out according to the growth of the plants. After that, it is cultivated once every six months, and the surroundings are cleaned up with a shovel. The cleaning of the weeds is easy to handle, put it directly on the surrounding land, and loosen the surrounding soil, so that the red -scale peach peach is better. It also cleverly cleaned the created garbage.

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