Method of breeding of wedding risers

The growth habits of wedding spider orchids

According to the growth area and habits of wedding risers, it can be judged that it prefers the environmental conditions of high temperature and high humidity at high temperature and high humidity, avoiding the sunlight, that is, the astigmatism irradiation, especially the strong light explosion photos. , Fat, chills, drought, drought, and resistance. Remember these. In addition, for the flowering period of wedding cranes, it is generally needed to breed for seven or eight months to bloom, and wedding hanging orchids are generally blooming from December to March of the following year.

Method of breeding of wedding risers

The adaptability of the wedding risers is very strong, so only need to control the amount of watering when maintaining the wedding hanging. Enhanced light to avoid freezing damage. If the flower friend wants to increase the flowering rate of wedding hanging orchids, you need to pay special attention to the problem of water control, and you must ensure that the light is appropriate. If the light is insufficient, it will affect the growth of the plant and reduce the flow rate.

Precautions for breeding wedding risers

Pay special attention to fertilization when breeding wedding hanging orchids. Wedding spider orchids are more fat but still need to control fertilization. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to applying fertilizer according to the instructions of the fertilizer. In this way, as long as the fertilizer of thin fertilizer and apply the corresponding effects, normal maintenance can be maintained.

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