Method of cuttings of turtles

1. Cutting time

The breeding turtle back bamboo is more suitable for cuttings in the spring and autumn of each year. Because cuttings are carried out at this time, the temperature is most suitable and the survival rate will be relatively high. Generally, new leaves can grow after autumn. If normal maintenance, the next year can grow into new plants.

Second, cutting method

Cut off the turtle bamboo and cut a cuttings. It can be 10cm long. Keep 2-3 buds. The lower end should be kept at root, but you can leave leaves without leaving the leaves.

The soil can choose vermiculite or fine sand, which can be mixed with corrupt leaves and garden soil.

Cut the cuttings on the soil. If the temperature and humidity are appropriate, about a month, you can grow new root systems on the end of the gas. leaf. Note that in the process of rooting, keep it in a hidden place to keep the soil and air moist. When the turtle is rooted, you need to go to the pot in time.

After the cutting seedlings are put on the pot, it can be maintained normally to make it a strong plant.

Third, precautions

The key to cutting bamboo with bamboo back is to have qi root, which is easier to survive. If you are cutting in autumn, you should pay attention to the interior and need to prevent frost damage in winter.

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