Method of heron grass

The growth habit of heron grass

Not only does she like to be in the sun, but they also like a humid environment. They are not contradictory; heron grass belongs to the orchid family; July to September is the flowering period of heron grass.

Rizhao can choose a very sunny or five-point sunlight; like water, it should be fully given to water in spring and autumn, the air environment in summer is humid, and the amount of water for heron grass should be reduced in an appropriate amount. Every 14-21 days in winter, water can be poured once.

Method of heron grass


Add some fine snake wood to the cultivation soil. The soil quality should be loose and keep the air open.


When growing new leaves, fertilizer is mainly based on three elements of balanced fertilizer; after flowering, fertilizer with high content of phosphate fertilizer and potassium fertilizer is supplemented.


Hergainy is relatively resistant to disease and has better reproductiveness.

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