Method of maintenance

The maintenance of Mei Yushan, the preparation of the basin

Mei Yefeng tail banana is fertilizing, loose sandy soil. Family can use the garden soil: rot leaveso: sand = 6: 2: 3 or mud soil: rot leaveso: sand = 4: 3: 3 method formulation.

US maintenance: daily maintenance

Mei Lefeng tail banana is so wet soil, which is more drought, not resistant. The growth temperature is 20-30 ° C, no low temperature, winter temperature in 5 ° C, can be safe.

After the temperature is rising in spring, the wett of the pot soil should be maintained. In the summer, in addition to watering, water is watering 2-3 times a day, keeping the leaves Qingbi green. In the autumn, winter, the temperature in spring is lower (10 ° C or less), should keep the potted soil to facilitate its winter.

The growth of Mei Yefei is slow, and the fertilizer is not high. In the autumn, winter, spring can’t fertilize, after the temperature rises after the spring, you can start topdressing, 5 times the 5 times liquid fertilizer for ripening every 1 month.

When breeding, Yefeng tail, it should be maintained in half, and avoid glossy exposure, otherwise the leaves will be yellowed and lost. Mei Leafyena should change the basin every 2 years, when the new feather resurgee grows 2 rounds, the base blade is often aging, the blade is yellow, should be cut one by one. On the perennial old dry base stem disk, often buds, if not breeding, should be cut off in time.

The maintenance of Meiyefengina: Pestression

The cultured Mei Ye Echo banana often has a hazard of leaf spot, and 50% of the bacteria pneumatic wettable powder can be sprayed with 1000 times. Insects have a chopper and root knot. The mesenter can be killed with 50% mouliulfur phosphorus 1500 times, and the root-knotted worms are fumigation and murder pesticide control.

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