Method of Pearl Schryons

The requirements of pearl drink orchid breeding for humidity

When it comes to humidity, the first thing everyone thinks should be watering. However, the humidity here is not just the humidity of the growing soil growing soil in pearls, but also the air humidity in the growth environment. Therefore, the pearl spider orchid is very resistant to drought. What is the saying? The breeding of pearls of pearl hanging orchids can dry the environment and not air and humidity. Water can survive even in a slightly drought environment, but it does not require excessive watering does not mean that no watering is required. Generally, water can be poured once every two to three days.

The requirements for soil breeding for pearls of pearls

The roots of pearls of chroma are very shallow. The most basic requirement for the soil during planting is loose and breathable. If you ca n’t make loose breathable, the soil is easy to end. It has been mentioned in the article. It is very shallow. In this way, if it is the soil plate, it is not conducive to the nutrients in the soil absorbing the soil. Therefore, the second requirement for the soil is fertile. Essence

The requirements for lighting for pearls of pearls

Pearl sprinkler is not a plant that likes the sun, and it is not suitable for exposure to the sun. If it is winter and the weather is relatively cold, the sun is not poisonous and can be placed outdoors directly. The characteristics of the yin are not adapted to the sun exposure outside, and it is necessary to shade it when necessary.

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