Method of pod fern breeding

Weeding for pod fern soil

After a long period of planting, the soil in the flower pot will be paved, the breathability will deteriorate, the weeds grow wildly, and the nutrients in the flower pot have been exhausted. After weeding, cover a layer of straw or sawdust in the pot soil. This can keep the soil moist and control the wanton growth of weeds. In addition, in order to avoid other weeds in the pod fern, other weeds can be sterilized and disinfected with the obvious grass seeds in the cultivation soil after the cultivation soil is removed.

Pod fern fertilizer regularly

The vitality of the pod fern is tenacious and the adaptability is also very strong, but this does not mean that it does not need to be fertilized for it. On the contrary, it is necessary to apply thin fertilizer every half a month. , Call it or death, if you fertilize too little, the cycle of fertilization should be shortened, and the fertilizer is mainly nitrogen fertilizer. In the period of poor winter growth, fertilization can be applied once to two months.

Pod fern moderate amount of watering

The pod fern is wet and not resistant to high temperature. Therefore, in summer, place it in a cool place to avoid direct sunlight as much as possible, and water it every day for two to three times a day. It is in the morning and avoid watering at noon. The temperature at noon is too high, and the pores of the pod fern are in a state of opening. Watering will cause damage to the pod’s pores and affect its normal growth. In winter, the amount of watering can be appropriately reduced, but the main principle is still based on keeping the soil moist.

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