Methods of Otome Hearts

Water requirements

During the growth process of Otome’s heart, the amount of watering directly related to the long and bad heart of Otome and the height of the aura heart. Generally, plants have certain requirements for water volume. Growing up, but this Otome’s heart is a wonderful work in the plant world. The higher the moisture, the higher the moisture, and when the water is as much as a certain degree, the Otome’s heart will grow into the shape of fishing and continue to hang down. The type of Otome’s heart can be properly poured more water when breeding to achieve her own purpose. If you like the heart of a shorter Oton, you can pour a little bit of water in an appropriate amount. Your taste.

Fertilizer requirements

The aura heart is a plant with a high demand for soil in the succulent industry. When breeding succulent, pottery pots do not need to emphasize here. It is easy to lose, plus the characteristics of Otome’s heart and fertilizer. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the fertilizer appropriately when breeding, which is to increase fertilizer. Generally speaking In addition, it should be noted that the fertilizer is not easy, and excessive fertilizer can cause excess nutrition and die.

Light requirements

Succulent plants are generally Xiyang, as well as the heart of Otome, so pay attention to controlling light when breeding the hearts of surgeon, so as to make the litter’s heart accept the light of four to six hours a day, but when the weather is very hot in summer, you need to be very hot in summer. Pay attention to avoid the heart of Otome in the sun.

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