Mighty Mongolian breeding methods and precautions

Most of Mongolian breeding method


Mongolian flowers like a warm growth environment and are slightly cold -resistant.The suitable growth temperature is about 25 ° C.


The dense mask is wet, and the soil is often kept moist, but it is avoided.


The densely Mongolian flowers have strong adaptability, the requirements for soil are not strict, and the soil can be cultivated in general.


It can be picked up once before blooming in the densely blossoms, and once again fertilized it during the period, it is advisable to combine nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, or human dung urine.

Precautions for breeding of densely


The trunk of the dense Mongolian plants for more than 3 years can basically be formed. Cut off the dense branches, weak branches, withered branches, sick branches, and sprouts from rhizomes

Insect pest

There are mainly heartworms and red spiders.Drilling heartworms are harmful to its tender branches. It can be sprayed and killed by spraying pyrodine and long -acting phosphorus during the spawning of adults.Bine spiders are mainly harmful to leaves, and they can use 40%Le fruit emulsion 1800 times liquid for spraying and prevention.

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