Milan flower variety

Mi Chilan

Mizlan is the native variety of Milan, the stems are small, and the top of the young branches has star-shaped rust-colored scales, and the blade is between 5 to 12 cm. The top of the branches is 3 ~ 5 pieces of leaves, the top end is one piece, and the lower portion is small than the lower end.

Little Leaves

The difference in nature of Mitzo lies in the size of the blade, and the small leaf Mi-lanter leaves usually have 5-7 small leaves, 9 in the middle, 4 cm long and 8 to 15 mm, and more cultivated in the south.

Siyuan Milan

Four seasons flowering, the summer flowers is most prosperous. Four seasons Milan are a kind of cultivation in the family, and the flowers are long, and the flowers are mysterious. In the home environment, the lowest temperature in the winter indoor cannot be less than 5 ° C, otherwise the deciduous phenomenon will appear.

Seeing this is a four-season Milan, ☞ Milan’s breeding method and precautions for more Milan knowledge.

Taiwan Milan

The leaf is large, the flowers are small, the flowers bloom in the new branch of the past. Medium green plants, the growth diameter is about 30 cm, and the branches are bused, and the shafts and inflorescence are all silver or pale yellow star scales. Most of the flower period in September.

Big Leaf Milan

Evergreen large shrub, tender branches often have been brown-shaped scales, and the leaves are large. Most of the tree views.

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