Mimosa breeding method


Mimosa is a kind of life living in the tropical wet floral plant, so keeps the water of the pot so so that the pots remain moist, it is not too dry; the summer weather is hot, pay attention to the actual situation to water, approximately every day Water can be dried 1 time, do not let the pots dry, and sometimes water in the plant, prevent the plant water in the plant water, so dry; winter water water should reduce watering, as little as possible, otherwise it is easy to frozen.

Soil selection

Mimosa’s requirements for soils are not high. It only needs the general garden soil to be planted. It is preferable to choose some of the containers and fertile humic mix soil. Of course, only humus or sandy soil is also possible.

Plenty of light

Mimosa is a beautiful plant, so it is best placed on the side of the sun and the sun, the sunlight is facilitating the growth of the mimosa, and if the light is too small, it will stop growing, yellow withered .

Prevention of frost

Mimed is a tropical plant, so the temperature of the growth cannot be low, the room temperature is maintained at 20-28 ° C is most suitable, and the temperature is too low to cause the mimosa to stop growth. If it is also watering too much, it will result in frozen When the temperature is below 10 ° C, it is necessary to make certain protection measures.

Pest Control

Mimosa rarely suffering from pests, generally the most common is that there is a pest, and if there is such pests, it should sprinkle the stone gray powder in time.

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