Money wood breeding methods and precautions

Breeding method


The suitable growth temperature of money wood is twenty degrees to thirty -two degrees, so every summer during the summer season, black net shading and surrounding water spraying methods are used to cool down, thereby maintaining a warm and humid growth environment. In addition, when the temperature falls in the late autumn and early winter, the plant must be moved to the room with sufficient light to maintain the temperature conditions during the winter.


As far as the growth habits of money wood are concerned, their joy and yin are resistant to it. It is important to pay attention to avoid direct light, especially in the hot sun in summer to avoid leaves burns. In addition, pay attention to determining the satisfaction of light conditions according to different seasons. For example, in the last spring to early autumn, it is necessary to ensure shading and not dark, otherwise it will affect the health and aesthetics of the plant. In winter, the potted plants should be moved to indoor guarantee light.


Money is more like a humid and dry environment. When the temperature is greater than thirty degrees, you must spray the plant every day. In addition, keep the pot soil slightly wet and dry. When it is winter, pay attention to water spraying and keep the air humidity, but reduce watering and instead of water with water spray.


Money has a high drought resistance, so it is not high for the basis of potting soil. Pot soil content is mostly mixed with peat, coarse sand, cog slag, and garden soil, showing micro acid attributes.


The water of the plant pot soil can be kept dry so that the plant health can be maintained. Especially in winter, you must not be too humid to avoid rotten roots.

Whether the money plant plants should be changed to pots and pots should be based on specific circumstances. If you find the stagnant water problem, you must turn over the pot in time to change the soil.

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