Moving this flower into the kitchen, you can eat it, you can look at oil fume, and it will be cool when you look at it!

Oil fume


We often cook in the kitchen, and the overflowing oil fume quietly destroys our health. When you do n’t open the range hood, if you put a pot of green dill, you can play a big role!

Green Luo’s life is strong, the leaves are as smooth as jasper, not afraid of sticking to oil, and it is very clean. The biggest feature of Green Luo is harmful substances such as carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, benzene, and chloride.

Conservation: Put it in a ventilated position, and the wet green dill needs to be watered more, once every 2 to 3 days.

Spidering orchid

The chrome leaves are narrow and green, which can clean up harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and filter the cleanest air.

Maintenance: Wet and semi -yin environment, do not be exposed to the sun, just put it on the window by the window.

Silver queen

The Yin Queen’s leaves are elegant and beautiful. It can absorb the harmful substances in the air, and even in a place with poor ventilation, it can play a super purification role.

Conservation: Yin resistance, can directly hydroponic, hang up, saves the problem of watering.

Can eat

Green onion

The small water onion is a “tender” word. It must be able to plant a pot in the kitchen.

Maintenance: Do not throw away the bottom of the small green onion, bury it into the soil, and leak a little onion on the soil. Put the water and put it on the window, and soon rushed.

Garlic seedlings

Gar garlic seedlings go out to buy? It’s too much, now I am in my own home, environmentally friendly green, and the taste is better.

Conservation: It can be hydroponic, can also be cultivated, keeps moist, placed by the window, and the small tender seedlings grow up.


Laler, mint, rosemary, coriander … throw it into the pot when cooking, and the fragrance comes up. Find a few tin barrels and hang it on the wall, and see that the vanilla inside is full, life is sweet.

Conservation: Frequent use, which will promote the burst. Watering more, keeping moist, so that the taste can be more tender.



Horseshoe lotus is a well -known leather plant. Although it looks pure and elegant, standing in the kitchen, his body is still upright. The so -called “upper hall, the kitchen” is said to be a horseshoe lotus.

Maintenance: Apply a nutrients once a week to place in a place with sufficient light.

Molten bamboo plum

The hanging bamboo plum grows quickly, raising a tree in the flower pot, and placed on the balcony of the kitchen in the morning, and the mood becomes happy.

Conservation: Keep the pot soil moist, apply a thin fertilizer. Put in a place with sufficient light, otherwise it is easy to grow.

Air pineapple

Every day in the kitchen’s big palm, the hardships are only known to themselves.

On the racks of the kitchen, let’s have some small things such as empty phoenix. Life is your own. You must know how to please yourself.

Conservation: Empty phoenix is ​​very easy to raise. It does not require soil or pots. Just spray water a few times a day.

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