Mu hibiscus cutting breeding method


The cutting time of wood hibiscus is better for winter and spring after the flowering period.


You can choose a tender branches or semi-hardwood cuttings, and choose branches with 3-5 knots and 10-15 cm long.If the branches are buds, you need to cut the buds and remove the leaves at the bottom 1/2 of the branches to reduce the evaporation of water.


Put the processed cuttings 1/2 length into a flower pot with vermiculite to keep the medium moist. The temperature in winter is low. You can put a plastic bag for the flower pot to moisturize and heat, which is conducive to germination.Generally speaking, Mu Hibiscus’s hair time is 3-4 weeks. After the cuttings germinate, you can transplant it into a larger flowerpot to raise seedlings. After the head of the root regiment is good, it is planted to the courtyard.

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