My sister’s family’s meaty meat … The yard can’t be stuffed, and the unknown!


When I first saw the courtyard of a large succulent family, Huahua was actually rejected … The succulent of the courtyard made Huahua envy envy and hate!

On the ground, the wall seams, and even the entire yard is not settled. Especially when I saw those fleshy shelves, Huahua couldn’t help holding home!

Not to mention that people have made all kinds of fleshy shapes, and Huahua lying in such a yard is almost happy to faint!


Because of living in the north, Huahua has never seen the Bougainville as the courtyard. I can only look at the pictures of Huayou every time.

Triangle Mei is particularly good to feed. As long as the big water and the sun keep up, it is a matter of minutes to climb the wall!

Whether it is a shape of a bougainvillea, or a sunshade, or even a special triangular plum wall, it is particularly beautiful!


For rose, you must never be unfamiliar with flower friends. More than 300 types of roses are placed in the courtyard, no matter how you match it!

Whether it is out of the wall along the door, it is covered with the entire house wall, or even make a cute lollipop. The color of this large blockbuster can impact our eyes as soon as possible.

Sitting in such a rose courtyard, Huahua suddenly felt that he was going to become a local tyrant.


In the clusters of flowers, the favorite of Huahua is hydrangea. After all, when I saw hydrangea, Huahua always felt that my mood became better.

Whether it is blue or red, at the gate of the courtyard or the center of the courtyard, or even inside and outside the fence wall. As long as there is a gap, almost all of them are filled with hydrangea!

Huahua’s desire to have such a hydrangea garden can be able to have such a hydrangea garden. You don’t need to be too big, as long as you can plant the hydrangea I like!

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