Nanyangfu breeding method and precautions

First, aquaculture method


Nanyong likes a sunshine growth environment, likes sunshine, but seedlings are happy, and winter needs sunshine, and summer should be properly shaped, avoid sunlight.


Nanyang influence the warm and humid climate, not cold, the temperature is preferably 25 ° C to 30 ° C, the indoor potted culture is placed in the air flow, and the room temperature cannot be less than 8 ° C.


Nanyang influence soil fertile soil.

If the potted plants, it is necessary to loosen the fertility, the humic content is high, and the exhaustible cultivation of drainage is strong. It is best to use 3 parts of the soil, 1 sugar soil, 1 coarse sand and small amount of grass ash mixed, the deep mastery of the soil layer The sprouts of the upper roots are just exposed on the earth.


It is usually necessary to keep the relative humidity in the air in more than 70%.

The growth season is watering, approximately 2-3 times a week, the water is preferably 10-15 cm, and with the growth of Nanyang, gradually reduces the number of watering, often keeps the pelvic and surrounding environment .

Second, the precaution

Young tree

The young tree in Nanyang is best to change the basin every year or in the spring of the year, and the plants above five years is best to change the basin once every two or three years.

Maintain ambient humidity

Nanyang is not drought, so in the season of drought in high temperature, it is necessary to spray, spray, spray, and increase air humidity to the leaves and surroundings.

Do not dry or wet the basin soil, which is easy to cause weakness of the lower blade.

Diligent fertilizer

Potted Nanyial Pine is used to use rot leave soil, larcoal soil, pure river sand and a small amount of rusted organic fertilizers. Spring sprouts are born, each month should be subtived for 1-2 decomposed thin organic liquid fertilizer and calcium fertilizer, keep the blade color moist.

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