Never thought that the variant of Dahejin had it


This is a lot of plants that Dahe Jin and Shilianfa are unknown. Look at this green leaf, it is also drunk, and it does not have any relationship with big and big.

Dahe Jin Zhihui

There are still many controversy for this name, which is the hybrid variety of Dahe Jin and Qi Fu.Introduction and compact plants, you will know that there is a relationship with big and brocade.

Dahe Jin * 月

This is a hybrid variety of Dahe Jin and the sound of the month, inherits the fairy colors of the Lai Moon, Dahe Jin.

Yang Jin

Dahe Jin and unknown planned stone lotus hybrid varieties, Korea cultivated.The characteristics are short-leaved, and the adult plants are compact, and the growth is slow.


This is the hybrid variety of Dahe Jin and Jing Night, a bit quiet night.

Ben Tatis

The same is the hybrid variety of big and Jin and Quiet Night, and Fabiola is a sister variety. Is this a copy version of the quiet night?

Wine god

This is the real wine god, this is not the original species of the big and Jinjin, which is also hybrid, the specific parents are unknown.

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