Not only Green Dellaxia can be raised!These 10 kinds of succulents are hung up!


The name of the beads is like a string of exquisite beads as its appearance. This succulent plant is hung up and cultivated. It is very beautiful. The crystal clear little green beads are connected in series, and the pendants are like bead curtains.

Lover tears

The appearance of the lover’s tears is exactly like Buddhist beads, so it also has a name called Buddha beads. Like Buddha beads and lover in the orchids, the rolling stems and leaves gathered in the flower pot, which is very eye -catching.


The leaves of the hanging pot are not as thick as the fleshy fleshy, but it is also a plant suitable for hanging. However, in addition to viewing, weeping pots also have good medicinal value.

Monkey tail column

The monkey tail column is also a kind of fleshy, named after the appearance of the monkey’s tail. Generally, it is hung on the cliffs of the mountains. The long body has a special sense of elegance. Interested flower friends can raise a pot.


Qian skewers are a common name. Its full name is actually the money of money. Just like a string of coins, stacking up layers of growth. Very suitable for a family potted plant.

New jade

A pot of good new jade can be described by explosive pots without exaggeration. The cute blades are clustered together, cute and ornamental.


Love is a plant with a chandelier flower. The flower -like color is bright and beautiful, which is very suitable for raising in the family. At the same time, it is also a green plant with the function of purifying the air, and the effect of formaldehyde is particularly good.

Millions of heart

Millions of hearts are a kind of flower appreciation flower. The leaves and leaves are lush and green, and the layers are stacked and growing. As the length of the branches and leaves continues to increase it, it can be lifted, and the hanging leaves are very beautiful.


Zi Xuanyue sounds a chic aesthetic. In fact, its shape is as beautiful as the name. The purple -red leaves are tender and tender, and the layers of branches are full of lines. Therefore, it also has the reputation of hanging orchids in the fleshy.


It is another fleshy that looks like the name, but this time it is not the tail of the monkey, but the tail of the mouse. The tail of the sage is a plant suitable for hanging raising. A short layer of spines on the outer skin are very beautiful and seductive.

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