Nourishing method and precautions of Ganluzi

The breeding method of Ganluzi

Light and temperature

Ganlu is a short -day plant, which must meet the conditions of light when breeding.Temperature seedlings need to be kept warm. Be careful not to be too high. It is generally kept at 15 ° C -25 ° C.In winter, frost will die.


Ganlu is like fertile soil and requires good drainage. Generally, it chooses sandy soil.

Watering and fertilization

Keeping Gan Luzi must maintain sufficient fertility.It prefers humidity. When breeding, pay attention to keeping moisturizing and not drought.

Precautions for the breeding of Ganluzi


The reproduction of Ganziko is relatively simple. Generally, it adopts the method of sowing, cutting, and rhizomes when breeding.


When breeding Gan Luzi, it should be harvested in time. The plants are harvested in summer and autumn, and the tuber can be digged in autumn.

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