Novice breeding is multi -meat, which can be cultivated these 5 types

White peony

White peony is actually a relatively ordinary one in the fleshy, that is, the general goods in people’s mouths. The method of breeding is relatively simple, and it is not so easy to raise.

Basically, in the spring and autumn, keep sufficient light. Pay attention to shading in summer, and water should be used to avoid rotten roots.

Murderous moon

Haoyue is a kind of fleshy with strong ornamental. It is relatively simple to breed and can breed old piles.

When breeding, the temperature should not exceed 35 ° C. Pay attention to reducing watering in summer. Generally, in autumn, the temperature drops, and the normal maintenance can be slowly restored.

Winter beauty

Winter beauty breeding method is simple and the price is not expensive. Winter Beauty prefers a warm environment. The soil must choose a better drainage. Generally, it can be raised well in indoor breeding.

Jade butterfly

The entire type of Yudie is still very beautiful, but relatively speaking, it is a bit weak, and people who like it can breed.

When the jade butterfly is cultivated, watering is generally less watering, and it can be watered appropriately in summer, but water should be controlled in winter.

Black prince

The black prince is a kind of fleshy, or the shape is still more beautiful, and it is beautiful.

The black prince should pay attention to watering during the growth period, do not make the soil too wet, and keep the soil dry in winter. Pay attention when fertilizing, usually fertilizing once a month. Pay attention not to the leaves on the leaves.

Huang Li

Huang Li is also a relatively good type of succulent plants. When the seedlings are cute.

Huang Li likes light, but it is not too tolerant, and it is easy to grow long in semi -yin. The growth temperature should be kept between 15 ° C-28 ° C to keep ventilation. Pay attention to drying and pouring, avoid rain.

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