Other people raised flowers and cushion pottery, she even put stockings, she was so prosperous

1 pot bottom pad stockings

The first thing to say is the stockings that make Huahua feel very surprised. It turns out that stockings can still be put on the bottom of the flower pot. Not only is it impenetrable, but also the drainability is great!

2 potting bottom pad non -woven fabric

Many people want to say that there is actually no woven fabric in life. In fact, otherwise, when we buy new shoes, the white cloth with new shoes is non -woven.

(Author: MXC Source: Fruit State)

3 Potting bottom cushion cotton pad, napkin paper

Many girls need to make makeup cotton pads, which are also good things on the bottom of the basin. In fact, its principle is similar to the non -woven fabric, which can increase water transparency. In addition, napkins are also possible.

4 pelvic bottom pad newspapers

If there is no home in the above home, the simplest thing is to use newspapers everywhere at home.

5 Pot Potatoplasty Put of insecticide net

Many people report to Huahua that they have matched the insect -proof net on the bottom of the flower pot, which not only has the function of leaking soil, but also to prevent some small bugs from climbing into the soil along the bottom of the pot, especially fleshy. Oh.

6 Potting bottom pad wood chips

If there is the remaining wood chips after decoration, you can also achieve a good drainage effect after disinfection.

7 pot bottom padding tiles

Bricks and tiles everywhere on the construction site are also good materials for the bottom of the basin. The bricks or tiles found, after taking it home, crushed it with a small hammer, then put it under the sun for 1-3 days, and put it on the bottom of the pot.

8 Potted Plastic Plastic Bubble

Many great gods react with flowers. When raising orchids, add some plastic foam on the bottom of the pot. The drainage and permeability of the orchid media are improved. When you change the pot, you can replace the new foam.

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