Other people’s fleshy looks and beautiful, your succulent becomes a dog, crying to death

You think Tia is like this, a small fresh jelly:

As a result, the Tia you saw was like this:

Dear, is your ambition quickly become an old pile?

(Author: Chacha Tea 3 Source: Multi -meat)

Still want to fly to the sky and side by side with the sun?

(Source: Meat APP)

Huahua always thought that the female chicks were like this:

Can anyone tell me, what kind of ghost is this? The red on the body is gone?

And this, do you have a plate of wild vegetables?

Seeing Huang Li, can you think of such beautiful flowers?

But look at Huang Li from Huayou’s house,

You are so laborious to extend your head,

Is there any good -looking outside?

(Author: Kaka Source: Tap Hua Wing)

And this ghost, maybe even the mother did not know Ao.

(Author: Tianyan Blue Cloud Film Source: Multi -flesh)

The Zi Lianhua who just bought Lianhua was like this:

After a month, it turned out to be like this!

Is this going to play Thousand Hands Guanyin?

Still want to be a dancing little fairy?

Before, Huahua always thought that Ji Xingmei was like this:

As a result, I saw the beauty of the Huayou’s family, and the world view was really subverted!

(Author: lingyun Source: Sina Blog)

It looks like a bunch of weeds!

The previous white peony was like this:

The current white peony is like this:

From the dwarf to Gao Zhuang, what did you go through?

In the impression of most people, the crystal clear Yulu is like this:

In fact, it turned into this way:

Isn’t this not a little vegetable?

(Author: kliycheer Source: Yulu, let’s)

After watching so many strange long succulents,

Are the flower buddies eye -opening?

Huahua finally reminds you:

Too much watering, the easiest to grow!

In order to avoid the succulent of your home, a dog,

Watering in summer must be cautious!

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