Our whole summer has been contracted by these flowers

Hydrangea yanghuadaquan

You should not be unfamiliar with hydrangea, and a hydrangea is planted in Huahua’s home ~ But the flowers are blue, and the flowers have not had time to color the color ~

In the hot summer, whether it is blue or pink, hydrangea brings a touch of coolness.

Blue Snowflake yanghuadaquan

Blue Snowflake is a high -value plant recently discovered by Huahua ~ The color is very plain and elegant, don’t miss it if you like it ~

Lotus yanghuadaquan

When it comes to summer, most of the first thought is that the lotus is blooming, but due to regional restrictions, many flower buddies who like lotus can not cultivate lotus at home, but it doesn’t matter ~ We can’t raise it. We can enjoy the picture ~

Water Lily yanghuadaquan

If the lotus flowers have insufficient power, then the water lilies are a better choice ~ The flower of the water lilies is small, it can probably be larger than the coin, and even a small bowl can be planted!Otherwise, how can it be called a bowl of lotus!

Hey, after reading it, Huahua has been completely fascinated!I plan to rush to the flower market!what about you?

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