Package peony breeding method

How to water

The purse peony is the mever root of drought, so the water is treated, so watering should be appropriate, put the water, dry the sunny weather in spring, summer, every 1-2 days, 3 days to 5 It is planted once, often keeps the pot half of the pot, to ensure that favorable growth, is wet, easy to get rid of the root, and the long-term growth of leafy yellow. When entering winter sleep, the pot soil should be relatively dry and slightly.

How to fertilize

When puppies peony, when planting or changing the soil, it is advisable to cultivate the soil of the soil, the hydrocetic organic fertilizer or nitrogen phosphorus potassium, and the growth period is 10-15 days. After the flower buds are developed, they stop fertilization, and the sleep period is not fertilized.

Suitable light

Poewang peony original my country northern region, the half-yin environment, cold-resistant, cold, afraid of high temperature and strong light, so it is suitable for breeding in the big tree of the courtyard, tall buildings back or north to the balcony. Sleep is in the yin, invisible light, and often sprinkles water near the ground, increase the surrounding air humidity, reduce the temperature.

Farming temperature

Package Mudan Touch high temperature and long rain, high temperature will open the leaves, rotten. In the summer, the potted peony can be moved to the seedlings, and it can be concentrated in the soil, maintain goodness of drainage and ventilation. Sprinkle around sunny day, increase the air humidity, and ensure the moisture supply of Peony bud differentiation. The rainy season should pay attention to drainage, and the rainy weather needs to pour the flower pot, which prevents water in the basin.

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