Pansy farming method

Temperature requirements

Suitable in the daytime is 25-28 ° C, the night temperature is 18-20 ° C, the seedling should be increased to about 23 ° C, in such a temperature environment, the pansy is almost all year round, especially seedlings. It is growing rapid growth; the seedlings removed from the test tube can be blooming for about 1-2 years.

Humidity requirements

The native land of pansies is usually wetted, and there is a need to create a large air humidity in the breeding. Generally speaking, the year should maintain humidity at 60-80%. In the northern region, the weather is dry in the spring and autumn and winter, and it is necessary to improve the air humidity of the cultivation environment. You can sprinkle water to the ground, a giant, wall, etc.

Illumination requirements

The irradiation of the cultivated butterflies, the irradiation of strong light should have a good sunshade condition. Although the leaves of the pansies are too large, the hypertrophic is stored on the blade, but the keratin layer of the leaf table and the anti-drought structure are relatively poor, so once the direct sun, the moisture is lost, or the addition is not timely, the blade It is easy to have sunburn.


Winter and spring season in North China is often sunny, and there is less rainy day. At this time, appropriate sunshade is.

When the sun is strong in summer, when the temperature is too high, the sunshade network or bamboo curtain should cover the outside of the greenhouse glass, and the double role in greenhouse cooling and sunshade, and its shading should be over 60%. It takes only about 40% to be blocked in the fall.

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