Pay attention to these flowers and plants, don’t be fooled!

Be careful of those charming and charming flowers

Many sellers have a good selling phase in order to make plants a good selling appearance, and they can find a way to make the plants look bright and beautiful to attract more buyers to buy. The most commonly used method is a chemical agent “glitter”. Taking a gently on the plant can attract your attention.

Although this chemical agent does not have much effect on plants, if it is often used on plants, it will corrode the plant, causing the leaves of the plant to slowly retreat and turn yellow to wither. Therefore, the life of plants is greatly reduced.

Naked root flowers do not necessarily grow flowers

This editor has met. At that time, the editor laughed at her friend relentlessly because she planted vegetables, and the editor also cut it and washed it directly in front of her friends.

When buying, the merchant said that the merchant also showed her with the picture. While pointing the picture, she told her: This flower is this flower, which is very beautiful. Friends see the seller so enthusiastic. I bought more than 10 trees and went home all kinds of care, but the result was very sad. Therefore, the majority of friends must pay attention when buying naked roots.

Don’t think that the flesh of the brocade is strange

The editor first explains “Jin”: Popularly speaking is mutation. Come to green succulents can become yellow or solid succulent, which may produce spots. This brocade will appear on the body of his own meat, but it is not easy.

Many sellers use this phenomenon that is not easy to produce to attract buyers to buy. In fact, this phenomenon can be given by drugs, and the spawning of Jinxin hand -produced meat friends cannot distinguish between true and false. Many friends and friends looked at it, bought it without saying a word, and thought they had a big cheap. As everyone knows, this kind of meat that has been urged by medicine is easy to die.

Therefore, how long must meat friends have to have a heart when buying.

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