Peacock Bamboo Ranker Working Method and Precautions

Soil choice

Peacock bosur pots are suitable for loose, fertile, good drainage, rich in microaly acidic waves, usually 3 humorite, peat or saw in 1 part, 1 mixture of sand, and add a small amount of bean cake to make basic fertilizer, avoid use Garden soil sticky. On the top of the pot, the pelvic coarse sand is drained on the coarse sand of 3 cm to drainage.

Moisture demand

It is necessary to give sufficient moisture during the growth period, especially in summer, in addition to maintaining the wetting of the pot soil, it is also necessary to spray water to the leaves to cool the moisturizing; it requires higher air humidity, it is best to reach 70% to 80% Avoid air dry, dry the basin, but not water. Water should be controlled after the end of the autumn, so as to protect cold and winter. Winter maintains a dry environment, so wet, the base leaves rhombus yellow smoke, affect its ornamental value.

Illumination requirements

From September, the growth season should be placed in a mascent or half-shaped, maintaining the light transmittance of 40% -60%, avoiding direct sunlight, highlights of light or air drying easily causing the leafy leaves, the leaves are dark Light; but the light should not be too weak. If it is placed in the dark room for a long period of time, the temperature is low, the light is insufficient, and it will be weak, disadvantaged, and the leaf color is lost. Direct sunlight through the glass can be accepted in winter.

Fertilization requirements

The plants are obviously short, the leaves are dim, and the gold is very bright. Every 20 days of growth period once, the proportion of nitrogen phosphorus potassium should be 2: 1: 1, which allows the leaf color to be gorgeous, avoiding the proportion of nitrogen fertilizer, such as 0.2% liquid fertilizer directly from 0.2% liquid fertilizer every 10 days. It is extremely advantageous for germination and growth, and the car is stopped in winter and summer.


The peacock bamboo is a shallow, which should choose the large-scale shallow basin, which does not affect the growth of the root, and the white leaves are not light. The potential and breathable drainage drainage in the basin soil is suitable.

Peacock Bamboo 芋 is generally changed in the spring, and a new cultivating soil is required every 1-2 years. When you change the pot, you must add new cultivating soil, and cut it to the residual damage, re-cultivate, and grow.

Peacock bamboo sick pegs are less, but if ventilation, air is dry, and the chopper insects will be harmful, and the pyridine series drug is applied.

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